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We have some amazing partnerships!

August 2022

Partner: Fla & Fla Dept of Transportation

Milkweed roadside planting


July 2022

Partner: Hillsborough County Schools

Dowdell Middle School Planting


April 2022

Partner: Eagle Scout – Ben Osborne

The Estates at Hyde Park (memory care facility)


March 2022

Partner: Rose Circle and Parks & Rec

Fred Ball Park


February 2022

Partner: Hillsborough Association of Women Lawyers

Tampa Crossroads is a nonprofit organization serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties since 1977.


January 2022

Partner: Eagle Scout – Kyle Imhoff/Parks & Rec

Edward Medard Conservation Park


November 2021

Partner: Hillsborough County Schools

McFarlane Elementary Butterfly Club


Fall 2021

Partner: Florida Native Plant Society/Parks & Rec

Lettuce Lake Pollinator Garden


May 2021

Partner: Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation

Butterfly Alley – Hell Strip to Habitat between Estrella & Lois Ave


February 2021

Partner: Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful/NFL Green Week

Wellswood Park


February 2021

Partner: Tampa Housing Authority

Encore! Technology Park – Downtown Tampa


January 2021

Partner: Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful/NFL Green Week

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful – headquarters butterfly garden


March 2020

Partner:  Tampa Garden Club

Tampa Garden Club pollinator garden.


February 2020

Partner: Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Learning Garden

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Learning Garden


February 2020

Partner: Florida State Fair

Florida State Fair planting design.


January – March 2020

Partner: Fla Aquarium, Fla Fish & Wildlife & TECO

Center for Conservation (CFC)


April 2019

Partner:  Corbett Preparatory School

Corbett Preparatory Middle School planting


March 2019

Partner: Tampa Garden Club 

Installing a butterfly garden.


November 2018

Partner:  Hillsborough County Public Schools

Great American Teach-In