“Creating an appreciation of nature through conservation and education of butterflies and our environment.”

The Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation provides education, outreach, and supports research for Florida lepidoptera and Florida native flora and fauna to support wildlife. Donations received and fundraising dollars will be used to serve environmental conservation efforts for native plants, pollinators and butterflies as well as related research and science education in the Tampa Bay area.

Bringing Conservation Back to your yard

“We can save the natural world—and ourselves, for we are part of it and it is an inextricable and essential part of us—if we stop segregating ourselves from nature and learn to live as part of it.” 

These words of ecologist, Douglas W. Tallamy, speak to the very heart of what the Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation is all about. Conservation, education and research are the main pillars of our mission and through your generous support, TBBF can achieve its mission. By donating to the TBBF, you help us spread the critical and essential truth that conservation is the responsibility of all, that we can no longer hold to the nearly universal belief that people are in one place and nature is in another. Conservation truly begins at home, in our own communities, and neighborhoods: in our very own yard.

In the words of Tallamy, “small efforts by many people” can create a true butterfly effect of TBBF conservation efforts in our own beautiful yards of Tampa Bay. Help us bring conservation back to your home and our community.

  • Spread the word on where to learn, how to help and what to plant to attract Tampa Bay area butterflies and pollinators to your community, neighborhood and yard.
  • Purchase native plants and materials to establish and/or reintroduce and install butterfly and pollinator habitats all over the Tampa Bay area.
  • Contribute to educational programs and interactive opportunities for butterfly enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Contribute to lepidoptera and related native lepidoptera host plant research.

We are all in this together. Help preserve and restore our precious wildlife – for our neighborhoods, communities, the planet, our families, and future generations. Do something good for the environment – plant native plants in your landscapes at home and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals on your property. Make your yard a conservation corridor which provides wildlife habitat. It is easy and much less expensive than the non-native landscapes and costly chemical treatments.

Nature has been resilient and forgiving for a long time, but she seems to be losing her patience with the way she has been treated. Time to give back what we have been taking for granted. We need to learn to allow nature back into our lives and not live separate from it. Let’s renature our surroundings and enjoy the rewards of the beauty that comes with that process.

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Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization and all gifts made to
the butterfly foundation are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

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